Why You Probably Don't Need a 4k TV

October 13, 2014

If you look at a big screen TV with your face only 18 inches away, you’ll see that the image is made out of individual pixels. As you move farther away, the pixels get harder and harder to make out until at some point they completely disappear. Once something has completely disappeared, it can't disappear MORE as you move ever farther away. "Less than zero visibility" might be evocative rhetoric, but in the literal sense, there is no such thing as negative visibility; zero is the minimum.

But the only thing that increasing resolution to 4k is doing is making the pixels even smaller than HD pixels in hopes of making them harder to see: so they disappear more. If pixels on your HD screen are 100% invisible at less than your TV-to-couch distance, they can’t become MORE invisible by making each pixel even smaller (and unless the disappearing point is just barely in front of your couch, you can even get a bigger HD TV and they'd still be 100% invisible without 4k).