Oct 30, 2017

These settings are not guaranteed to work on other devices or on the same device after burn time. This is for informational purposes only -- you should use a spectrometer and
a test pattern rather than copying my settings if you really want a calibrated TV.

Manufacturing tolerances and day-to-day drift are non-negligible. These settings are different even than when I calibrated the same monitor less than 10 hours of burn-time earlier.

These settings, for the moment, hit spec for ITU-R BT 1886 very well.

Pretty much to color grading reference monitor precision.

Black measures out at full zero (the spectrometer bottoms out).
And I've chosen a white target near 150 cd/m^2 instead of the usual 100
because the room is not totally dark.

The Electro-Optical Transfer Function measures very tight to spec all through the range, even just above black where many monitors go way off.

The color primaries hit their x,y targets very well (mostly well within .01)

Here are the settings:

Picture Mode Setting: Expert (Dark Room)
Contrast 100
Brightness 55
H Sharpness 0
V Sharpness 0
Color 40
Tint 0

Expert Controls:
Dynamic Contrast Off
Super Resolution Off
Color Gamut Extended
Edge Enhancer Off
Color Filter Off
Gamma BT1886

White Balance:
Color Temp Warm2
Method 2 Points
Pattern Outer
Point Low
Red -9
Green -3
Blue 0

Picture Options:
Noise Reduction Off
MPEG Noise Reduction Off
Black Level Low
Real Cinema Off
Motion Eye Care Off
TruMotion Off

Color Management System:
All zeroes

Energy Saver Off
Eye Comfort Mode Off